Jameriah Mushatt is the owner of Nova Lash by Jameriah LLC. I decided to start this company because I’m really into makeup and lashes are truly my best friend. I am a firm believer that my makeup look isn’t complete without my lashes or highlight. This company allows me to share my experience and love for cosmetics with others. Nova Lash by Jameriah is a Mink Lash Line Company, based in North Carolina, specializing in 25mm mink lashes, cosmetics, accessories, and more. Our lashes are perfect for any occasion; rather that may be a night out with your girls, date night, or everyday wear, you are always prepared with a pair of Nova Lashes. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free. My goal is to sell quality products for an affordable price and to ensure all customers are left satisfied with a beautified experience.